Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where's the sheep?

Oh! There’s the sheep.

They were obviously buddies. They were out in the open. No fences. We had not come through any gates. We just walked out of our cabin and walked a little ways and then there they were.

Look at these guys. What is this? Of all things. A Shetland pony, a donkey and a sheep. Just hanging together.

As we were taking a walk we just stopped and looked at them and then just continued on our way. They followed us and then kind of joined us. Just like having a dog. But this or these were not dogs. They were this Shetland Pony, Donkey and Sheep. We walked for a ways. Came to a nice ‘look out’ over Canberra and then turned and went back. The five of us.

We got back to the cabin and they just hung out in the woods. The next day it was the same. We went out for our walk and then they saw us. Joined us and went for a walk with us.

I felt like I was in some kind of Bible story or something. I mean really! What is this?
What gives? A Shetland pony, Donkey and sheep. There were roos around. We would come across families of them. Couldn’t get close to them. But these guys were totally cool with each other and very friendly with us.

Well, I could not for any reason associate any story from the bible to these three guys. Unless it is the whole kitten caboodle all together. Like a condensed version of what the lessons of the bible were. Here: End of story, A Shetland Pony! A Donkey! A Sheep! A Man. A Women. Let it be! That’s cool! I can live with that!

Of course, some of you guys out there are going to come up with some fan dangled concocted meaning with symbolisms and such, but you know what. Let it be. If you can’t find no reason to love each other. Love anyway. Get along. Like these three buddies. Shee, who would of thought it?

Look at the Sheep’s eye. See I told you could look into the eyes of animals and tell if their friendly of not. It’s people that you should be careful of.


  1. Donkeys are one of my favorite animals. Probably because I've always loved Eeyore.

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