Monday, January 31, 2011

3 AM!!!

I went to sleep with Neighbors having a party a few houses down on Sunday evening. At around 3AM I got up to relieve myself and stood in our open window bathroom listening to the electrical mechanics of robotics wheeling around someplace out of sight in an otherwise quiet windless dark night in our rural beach side neighborhood right next to the ocean. It was too weird! I decided to just go back to sleep and hope that it would go away. I was too tired and I could not hear it from my bed.

The next morning I awoke and laid there looking at the ceiling trying to remember what I had heard the night before. I got up, made coffee and washed my face, got dressed – my shorts and tee shirt and with coffee in hand went to our office to see if Egypt still had a President by the name of Mubarak. Yes.

Looking at my computer clock I walked to the beach and after watching the sun ascend from Haleakala I walked back to the house only to see a glimpse of a robotic vehicle without a driver fly by with some local people in the back holding on for dear life! WTF!!! I must of not seen something correctly.

I resettle in my computer chair and start to browse. There's a knock on the door.

I peek out the window and see a local guy looking back out the drive toward the street and now he is turning his head toward the door. I let the curtain fall and open the door. ‘Hello!’

‘Hi!’ he says. ‘Can you help us move a vehicle that is blocking my drive way? It’s right out here on the street. By the way have you seen some weird, like electric cars running around this morning?’

‘Haa! That’s funny that you should say that. I think I did! but … hold on, I have to go to my other door to get my slippers. I’ll be right out.’ I close the door and go down stairs and out garage door. I step out and slip on my slippers and walk out into the yard. He sees me and meets me at the bottom of the outside stairs in the yard.

We start walking toward the street out our private drive past the two houses on either side and zoom, another robotic cart goes by. Again full of local people holding on. Their hair is flying in the wind. There is no driver! We stop in out tracks. We echo each other almost perfectly: ‘What the fuck!!!’

We proceed out to the street and as we approach it to where we can see down both ways. We see another robotic vehicle, identical to the one that has just gone by coming toward us, full of people, again all holding on. As it comes abreast of us it slows and then almost stops in front of us but then takes off again down the street. We watch it and step out into the street to see where it is going. In the far distance we see the first one, way down the street by the park, and then it is gone around a corner.

We stand there and look at each other. I ask him, ‘What’s going on?’

He responds: I haven’t a clue!’

I ask him: ‘Did you know anyone in either of those two carts?’

He stops to think, “Not that I recognized.’

Suddenly we hear a snapping clicking sound from behind us and a little robotic wheelie thing about 3 feet high is right next to us. The snapping sound was a …

I ‘come to’ and look around. I’m in a room with glass windows like a modular with plastic walls and poles that go from floor to ceiling. It’s like a subway car or something. The windows are all curved at the corners so they are not perfectly square. It is dark outside and very bright in here. The rest of the occupants are asleep.

I sit up and turn to look around. This modular is about 80 feet long, 10 feet wide and 8 feet high. The benches we are all sitting on are of the same plastic looking material as the walls, floors and ceilings. The Poles look chrome. The windows, if they are windows look glass, but like I said, they are black as night. The guy that had come to my house to ask for help is asleep next to me. I do not recognize anyone else. I stand up and suddenly I hear the same snapping clicking sound and from under my bench…..

I regain consciousness and before I open my eyes I listen. I hear nothing but a gentle rumbling and slight movement. I lay there even though my neck is hurting from being in the same position. I squint to peek out of my eyelids and I’m in the same modular in apparently the same seat. Even though I desperately want to sit up and stretch my neck and aching body, I remain motionless and ever so slowly open my eyes and little to have a better view. I can see the legs outstretched of my seat companion. It would appear to be the same guy. I scan the walls and windows to see if anyone or thing is moving. All the other companions are asleep or in a coma or what ever this is that we are being submitted to. I want to get up. I feel another sensation besides my aching neck. I need to pee! I do not see any movement or any cameras or anything that would indicate that we are not just in here ourselves. But what about our little three foot friend? Where is he? I lean ever so slightly to my left and can make out the underside of the seats on the opposite side of the modular. Nothing. He is either under my seat or on this side of the modular.

Well, I have to take a leak. I must get up. I jump up and move quickly to an open area of the modular and look around. The 3’ guy is not here. I look around and there are no doors or anything that remotely looks like an exit. It is all walls and windows fixed in place as far as I can see. Shit! What is this??? Suddenly I hear the same snapping and clicking and as I jump away from the wall I see the 3’ guy but it…..

I am aware, first thing, that I have soiled myself. I do not need to look down. I can feel it and it has been a while, it is cold. I am also aware that I am not siting in my seat. I am on the floor looking now through my squinting eyes at floor level at the remains of my pee all around me cold and sticky. I hear something that sounds familiar and look farther up the isle to see another occupant also relieving herself, yes it is a her, in this same condition. This sucks, big time! Where the fuck is our three foot friend??? Where are we??? What is this???

Suddenly I wake up! Wow! What a dream!!! Glad I could share it with you! Have a nice day!!!