Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sputnik- 1957

Three young boys are laying in the back yard of Bob's house, the middle house between Peter's and Johnny's houses. It is a special moment. Peter and Johnny are 11 years old and Bob is 10.

It is early evening of October 1957 and the sun has already set. Now the cascading darkness of night is illuminating the stars of which the three boys, laying on their backs are looking up and are very ready to be the first to announce, 'There it is! There is Sputnik!'

So, as they lay there, knowing that the time for its orbit pass must be soon, Johnny yells out, 'There it is!' He points and says, 'Look! Right next to those three stars! It is moving! See it!!!! It is moving to the north-east! See!'

We see it! We see it. We watch as it passes across the evening sky.

Suddenly Bob yells out! 'I am going to Russia!'

Peter laughs out loud! Johnny laughs! "You can not go to Russia! They are the enemy! They are communist!"

Bob: 'I am going to Russia!


On the 6th of September, my Russian friend is remodeling Peter's kitchen. The cabinets! The stove! The Micorwave, hood, vent and installing a granite top counter.