Thursday, November 26, 2009

Life Sucks!!!

On Siargao Island, we stayed at the Jungle Reef Resort. Kevin and (sorry, Hey Kevin, what's your wifes name?) We surfed at Stympies, Pacifica or Rock Island. Cloud 9 was right there, but it was too crowded.

One day, we were snorkeling, but here in this picture I think we were going to Pacifica. Yep, Flower (my surfboard) was right next to me. Must of been going surfing. Pacifica is a 'left' surfing break, about 30 minutes boat ride up the coast. -Why do people say: 'Up' for north, and 'Down' for south? Maybe they were not really there. Maybe they were looking at a map. Anyway, we went out the channel from our resort and hung a left and 30 minutes later we were at Pacifica.

But, as I was saying, one day- not this day, the day that this picture was taken, we were snorkeling and 'BOOM'!

Both Nat and I have our heads out of the water. We look at each other. 'Wow! What was that? We are looking around. Nothing even close to us. Then we figured out what had happened. The Filipinos use explosives to fish! They will go along a reef and see some fish. Lite a stick of dynamite and set it on a piece of foam. They take off in their boat and a couple of minutes later the dynamite explodes. The dead fish float to the surface. The Filipinos come back and pick up the fish that they want for dinner.

If for some reason you happen to be in close proximity to this dynamite explosion in the water, your ear drums are history!

We searched the horizon. We could not see a boat. Where was it?

We got out of the water.

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