Saturday, December 17, 2011

My niche has an itch.

It’s my place of well being. I can laugh here even at my own silliness. It’s more like a giggle. I was in Izhevsk Russia where the Kalashnikov gun was invented and my sister visiting me – her childhood dream to come to Russia and attend the Bolshoi Theater, which she did - who is much like me, and when I showed her a china plate which had the Norataki emblem on the back, she said, smiling, “I know that!”, and giggled just like I do. So, if you can imagine an unexpected surprise in a place as different from where you are presently and the flower field along the ‘yellow brick road’ to the Wizard of Oz kingdom where suddenly you find something that is altogether as familiar as something in your own home as a child - a Norataki china plate which you have, as a girl set on the table for dinner a thousand times - you will appreciate the niche of happiness and well being that I am talking about, and how important it is to itch it every so often.

And it seems so important to do so - itch you niche - when there is so much around you that needs to be itched as well. But, there is very little you can do to itch the elephant in the room, when it is so huge. That is why you must settle on the important task of just itching you own niche and giggle at the funny things in life that you can find and remember in fondness.