Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to teach History or Geology, or one on those things!

It's me. Making friends with a water buffalo. Lake Toba, Indo.

No matter what the animal, I could always tell if they were friendly or not. Just look into their eyes. You want to see the scare on my fingers! Well, most animals.

I maybe 62, but, Hey! I can still run!

So check out this picture. Not me and the buffalo. The lake and the immediate area around. This area here, where this friendly buffalo and yours truly are, used to be connected to the top of that ridge up there. Yes, that's right. The Mountain ridge up there along the top of this picture. This used to be a volcano. Where I am is on the floor of the collapsed volcano. With all the precipitation in Indonesia it filled with water to form this lake.

The hot magma in the core flowed out toward the upper left end of this present crater and left the cone hollow. It collapsed! This is what it looks like now.
Kinda interesting yeah?

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