Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Japanese Divers License

A drivers license in Japan. You take a written examination. They have one in English.
Then you take a drivers test. This Driver's test is on a course. A special course which is designed to challenge the most proficient driver. Ninty degree turns in just enough space, if you do it perfectly, where you will not cross over the line. You cross the line and you are 'out of here! Next!

Nobody passes a Japanese driver's test on the first time. I am not saying that because I did not get mine. Even in Japan this is understood. On the first examination they evaluate you. That is IF YOU SOMEHOW MANAGED TO GET THROUGH THE COURSE. They make lots of notes and even if you passed the course perfectly - you do not pass. Nobody passes the first time. On your second examination they evaluate you according to what you did on the first examination. If you do perfectly on the second examination - then you may pass. May!

There are a lot of factors. Your age. Your sex. Your disposition!!! A Raving Gaijin older male throwing a tantrum worked for me! I guess they just didn't want the hassle! Japanese do not throw tantrums! It may have something to do with some of their lounges having signs: 'Japanese only!. which are common in Japan. But that is another story.

In Japan if you pass a drivers examination you get a 'green' license. This is a 'new' license. This is for 2 years. To get a 'blue' license you must have a 'green' license for two years without any accident or infraction.

You must renew a 'green' license once a year and take both examinations again. Written and manual.

If they had this examination here in the USA, there would no doubt be fewer accidents. No Doubt about it! Guaranteed!

This is a very sore subject in Japan. If you want to here sob stories from Japanese, ask them about this. I personally know Japanese that had to take the manual examination 18 times! Can you imagine! 18 times! I wanted to cry for them. Oh, did I mention the cost? Let's see what was it? I believe it was about US $85.00.

I am so proud of my 'blue' Japanese license! Wow! Look at it! Isn't it cool!

Would you like to know what it says? The second line is my name in 'Kana' Japanese. The Third lines is my address: It is Nagasaki, Nishiyama District 2 House 13 -9. Cool, yeah?

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