Saturday, November 28, 2009

She had to do it.

Do you remember a moment like this from your childhood? A moment like, as here in this picture, when you sat on a beach and thought: What is on the other side?


In the Summer as a child Natalia would travel from Izhevsk, Russia with her parents to the Black Sea in the Ukraine. In Russia there are two kinds of Russians. The Russians that had Dachas would go to their Dachas in the country and plant vegetables in the summer. The Russians that had salt in their veins went to the sea – the Black Sea.

Summertime in Russia for Natalia was a moment in time filled with adventure, excitement, ocean fun and wonder. What is on the other side of this Sea?

Here in this picture, Natalia reflects back to those childhood moments of wonder while now sitting on this beach in Turkey, exactly on the opposite side of the Black Sea from the Ukraine coast where she as a young girl then looked out to where she now sits and collects those childhood wonderings floating since on these waiting waters.

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