Saturday, November 28, 2009

More History and Geology -OZ


No!!! I am not getting any closer. This will be just fine, thank you.

I am standing on the Australian Bight. See were it gets it's name? This is on the Southern Coast of OZ. Natalia and I are one of the few people that have driven the outback. Even among the Roos (Australians). Took us 11 days. Yes, of course we stopped along the way. What do you think? Like here!

This 'bight of land used to be connected to Antarctica. Few years ago. The OZ continent is 'drifting' north by northeast at 1 inch a year, approximately. Give or take a dinosaur or two. OZ is approximately 2, 200 miles from Antarctica, presently.

Okay, okay, OKAY!!! That's 139,392.000 years ago when Antarctica calfed Australia.

end of lesson. Heights give me the willeys! Were outa here!

There are signs alllll along this Eyre Hwy: Don't get too close. Chunks fall off all the time.

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