Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you Happy?

This has been an experiment. I’m the guinea pig. Haaa haaa haaa! Laugh it up. A few years ago I was living in the Bay area (SF) and was wondering about life. My life. Why was I here (Bay area) when I wanted to be here (Ewa Beach – though I hadn’t a clue then). I pulled on my heart to lead the way though my mind was saying, -“Hello! Ummm Bob! You have a good paying job a nice little niche of which to live (Castro Valley) why rock the boat?” And I told myself, “Self, I am not happy.” Someone on FB who has sense dropped me as a friend – I totally can understand –I’m a scoundrel!, posted a comment. It was actually a chart. I’ll post it again, just for you.

You see? It asks a very simple question. “Are you Happy? Yes? Don’t change anything. No? Change something.”

You see it was so simple that my mind was doing back flips trying to make it much more complicated and then, exhausted for the effort resorted to, “It’s a trick! Don’t fall for simple tricks!”

But my heart was just smiling!

I let my heart lead the way.

I could make this story very simple for those who wish and say, in coconut shell, here is what happened.

See? You missed it! ‘here’ is what happened. Okay, I’ll spell it out, EWA BEACH ‘almost’ HAPPY BOB equals ‘here’.

Good by to you who wish to stop ‘here’. Bye!!!

Now for the rest of you who may be more intrigued with this little experiment of which, yes yes!!!! Haaa haaa haaa, I am the guinea pig, I will continue.

Suddenly I was given a book out of the blue by a friend called ‘Transurfing Reality’ by Vadim Zeland. It talks about becoming a collective center for what makes you happy. Follow the path of your heart, it says. Don’t pass up on anything that is offered even if it seems totally obscure because you never know what mysteries lies within each choice for you to find happiness.

Suddenly I got fired! I wasn’t expecting that!

Suddenly I got hired on Oahu making more money that I was in the Bay area. I wasn’t expecting that!

Suddenly I found this beach front house in Ewa Beach for a ridiculous price for which I now reside. Nope! Not that either.

Suddenly I meet people from Holland, Norway, Spain, Canada, Argentina, and Russia that are all HAPPY. I smiled back.

And now the crowning icing on the cake is a new acquaintance of which is such a confirmation that I almost can’t believe it. It is still ‘in the oven’ so to speak.

But I must write this down for I know not what next is in store and where all of this is going. My heart is still leading.

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