Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Rose is a Rose is a ....Not!!!

I rescued a bee from a swimming pool, finding it upside down, floating on the water. I cupped my hands and gentle set him on the apron around the edge of the pool. He dried himself off while I watched, my chin on the edge just a few centimeters away. He recovered but before he left, Mr. Bee said to me in a tiny voice, 'Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of your kindness you can rest assured that a honeybee will never sting you again.

Why this conversation was so meaningful to me, which it was, was because when I was little, three, four or maybe five, I was in the back yard our Albuquerque New Mexico home. This was a rather embarrassing moment for me so.... anyways my mother had a rose garden lining the path to our barbeque area - oh this is so funny, not what I am going to share with you about the honeybee, though you may very well find it humorous, as a child in that same back yard -but don't let me forget the honeybee true story, (okay?) there was this other matter.

My older sister ( I had two, Pat and BJ) BJ had this pet boxer named Pug. That dog!!!! BJ could be in the front yard and call him and Pug being in the back yard and nothing, literally nothing would stand between him to respond to her call and be with her. NOTHING. We had a two meter high brick wall around the entire back yard. No problemo!!! My dad built an additional one meter wire fence on top of that. NO PROBLEMO!!! Another time Jeannie stubbed her toe inside the house and was in agony and Pug was next to her instantly. The huge glass window was expensive to replace, my parents told her. And oh oh, while the entire family except for me was picking up the glass, Pug was wolfing down our barbeque steaks outside. PUG!!! I watched him not enjoy - how could he enjoy? They were on the plate and then vanished!

...see I am better than your average male, I remembered the honeybee. So I was walking along the path next to the roses and suddenly had the urge to pee! No one was around. I whipped out my handy dandy pee pee and peed to my hearts content.

Men wont tell you this but when a man pees he always, always targets something. Anything! A bubble floating in the bowl is the usual target or to see if you can get all the bubbles while making new ones - this is very tricky! If he is outside it is something or he can always try to spell something in the dirt or snow if it is winter, but any ways, did I say that already? -there I was all alone, so I thought! On a rose landed a bee. Big mistake!!! An important mistake that has been imprinted upon my male brain vividly to this day - yes you didn't even have to guess, I went screaming into the house yelling Mommy, Mommy with my swelling pee pee! So, you now know why this gift from this bee was such a peace offering of the greatest importance to me.