Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello! Are you who are being watched?

“No. Don’t go there”, Mommy said. “They have as much respect for life as sharks. They do not know how to kill with respect. They do not seem to know how to transfer.”

“Mommy, but they seem advanced for the dry.”

“Yes. It is a mystery. You will find that there are a few that know, but they are in the less and are few. Most live as Dis. And you have to be careful of the Dis. They appear the same but each one is as different as the fish and yet they only vary in shade and size. Yes, it is a mystery.”

“Is there nothing to be done or said or shown to un-Dis?”

“We have tried in every way. It is for them to un-Dis.”

“How sad. How sad for the Dis.”


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