Monday, March 26, 2012

Captain Frances - 4th and Final Chapter

Chapter 4 The Finale’
The crew of the ‘Mary Rose’ of which Captain Frances had provided the paint for, this designation- Mary Rose - now with the bounty – the infamous ‘Golden Hind’, was divided into two.
The two ‘English’ galleons set the compass for the Ivory Coast, once again, to now increase their size for both ships plus that again. For they now were after the ‘Ark Royal’ and the ‘Revenge’. The two remaining English devils which having unfairly ganged up on ‘The Lady’, Captain Frances, the Notorious, Ferocious, Dreadful, Awful.
An ease at once became the calm for the seas journey on both the Mary Rose and the Golden Hind. The Spaniards, one and all were finally at peace.
All the way to the Ivory Coast the resting Spaniards, not ‘on-watch’, who should have slept, played their guitars late into the night. The ballads of past romance serenaded all the men and one lady, into the wee night hours. Floating across the ocean waves and still to this day a Senorita begets a romance.

Back now at the Ivory Coast the ships split. One to remain at Sea on guard, the other to Port to recruit. The Mary Rose went into dock. The tale of what was done brought more than double for what she needed to now avenge the ‘Ark Royal’ and ‘Revenge’, the two accomplices to the ‘Golden Hind’.
The brief rest in port was now in an atmosphere of importance. One could feel it and see it in all. This tyranny of wanton English Greed was now with an equal foe with a deed.
And thus these two galleons, the Mary Rose and the Golden Hind with twice the men needed for each, embarked upon the seas again.
Captain Frances had purchased an entire wardrobe of English garb for each and every man aboard. They would wait to intersect the route the English would take. There they deployed four Ketches packed to the gunwales each, of the Spaniards in disguise as English men and as men abandoned to sea, but with a peculiar impediment. All were so ‘famished’ none could speak. All were with concealed arms sewn into their cloths.
The Mary Rose and Golden Hind waited over the horizon. A week later the two watches atop the Mary Rose and Golden Hind did bring all to life aboard like an echo one after the other, “Captain Frances! Captain Frances! Your Two, Your Two, new possessions, new possessions, are coming, are coming, to you, to you.
A Cheer rang out as never before upon the seas. The four ships, The Mary Rose, The Golden Hind, The Ark Royal and The Revenge where now under the command of Captain Frances. The Notorious, Ferocious, Dreadful, Awful lady of the Sea.
Pete doing the two step had this to say: “Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Awful Awful, nice, nice, she, she, be, be.”
What we can learn of these bygone days is little beyond the memoirs handed down now several generations through one Dutch Family. One Dutch family who’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Great-granddaughter by whose name is an air loom in the family, Frances Alleblas. She resides now in Singapor, an artist married to a philosopher.
By the way, does this last name of hers have any meaning that might ring a tone of semblance? Alleblas? ‘Boom!’
The ways of deception, being the core to every great magician is not all contained in this occupation. It is not Frances of who you should concern yourself with, but a sibling.
As Pete would say: “Ahhh! Ahhh! You got that right!” Will she reveal herself?
The English have of course hidden all traces of this fiasco. Even the Mary Rose they claimed, upon questions, was dashed ashore on New Haven, they claimed.
We find ourselves at times in history confronted with devils to deal with. Who might be our English tyrant of today? And who will arise to vanquish this new Diablo in disguise?
Where art thou Captain Frances?
“Ahhh! Ahhh! Right here! Right here!”

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