Friday, August 5, 2011

Why we are here ...FB, that is!

I think we are here (FB)* to keep abreast of each other because we know each other or it was some comment offered that drew your attention to that person. My FB friends have fluctuated over the years. The number of friends has increased because of these two observations. But it has not been a steady increase. In a month I will gain maybe around 3 and lose one. I will keep friends that I know personally unless they themselves drop me. I will keep FB friends that I am truly interested in (something they do or are doing) unless they say or do something really that I can not handle. My level of tolerance is quite high. I can barely tolerate my own comments sometimes. I cringe a lot! I am much to ‘light’ on any serious thought provoking exercise to be a ‘heavy’, but I now lots of people who are and I actually enjoy their sharing. It saves me the time to do that.

* Facebook

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