Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreams of a Cockatiel

I’ve noticed that Goldie, this cockatiel that adopted us, now that he has totally integrated into our life style – living on the roof of his cage which he has free access too, when he takes naps, such as he is now, dreams. His crown moves as his dream carries him away to…. Ahhhh! Oz land. He is flying over Eucalyptus trees. It is summer and hot, but there is a breeze blowing from the ocean and he senses this cool ocean breeze and flies toward it. As he reaches the crest of a low mountain range he comes up and there it is, the ocean. He glides down above and the eucalyptus which gives way to coconut trees which are not in Oz. As he comes to the shore, he sees surfers in the water and then he sees me. I wave up at him. He wakes and opens his eyes and now re-assured, drifts back into another dream.

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