Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A most original un-expected , un-paid for remedy for a previously un-controlled annoyance was a 'bonus' while having an otherwise delightful vacation. Permanently!

Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. Siam View Resort at Arugam Bay.

We came here to surf at some of the best surfing spots in a 15 mile area in the world, other than the north shore of Oahu which is saturated with surfers.

Fred and Somlak were and remain two of the greatest host and hostess anywhere. I hold neither of them responsible for what happened. It is after all like, or similar to, ‘an act of nature’.

The area of Arugam Bay is surrounded by a National Park with wild life as big as elephants and as small as little green frogs.

It was the frogs that we were introduced to first. We had arrived in the afternoon after a long day of road travel across Sri Lanka from Colombo. We unpacked and went to the restaurant for dinner. A full moon rose and we walked along the beach with the waves lapping the shore line. We returned to our bungalow and flipped on the light switch. There on the white walls of our bungalow where two of the cutest little green frogs like glued. ‘Oh look! How cute! Oh, Wow’ ,we said: ‘Roomies!’

We brushed our teeth and jumped into bed. We glanced at our roomies on the walls. We puffed up our pillows and read by our nightstand light. It wasn’t long till ‘plop!’ We looked and one green froggy had snatched a dinner in mid air and then landed on the floor. Gulp! He hopped back on to the wall and walked up to a midway position as before. Wow, they can jump good! That ought to keep the bug population down.

As for me, these cute little guys were similar in nature to geckos in Hawaii which were regarded as ‘good luck’ to have as they inhabited the upper section of homes in Hawaii removing mosquitoes, one by one.

We fell asleep and when we awoke the next morning our roomies had vanished. Where to?

We surfed, relaxed, read, putted around and surfed again. In the evening after dinner, each evening as we came back to our bungalow, there on our walls were our roomies.
And each morning as we woke, they were gone. We even looked for them as they might be hiding behind furniture. Under furniture. But we could not locate them. Oh well!

That night we went to sleep. ‘Plop!’ But this plop of the landing cute little green froggie was right in my mouth!!! Yuck!!!
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
Kapooie!!!! Pewww!!!
Nat removes the pillow from over her head and says: ‘What’s wrong!’
‘Never mind. Go back to sleep!’
‘What happened?’
‘Okay, One of the froggies landed in my mouth!’
Laughter! Prolonged ridiculing laughter! Continuous laughter!
‘All Right already!
‘Well, it serves you right!’
‘Disturbing my sleep with your snoring!’

We went back to sleep. We were going surfing early the next morning at the break of day. And as we awoke, turned on the lights we discovered the day time living place of our roomies. They went into the toilet and swam through it to – ‘THE OTHER SIDE!’

She has never complained about my snoring since!
I do not sleep with my mouth open EVER!!!
I have been permanently cured of this annoying habit.


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