Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Art and Magic of Making People feel Good!

Gordie and Ana Benko, Pacifica, CA

Gordie is an ol surfing buddy of mine from Kailua. We graduated from Kailua Shore Break and High School too!

What would you say if I told you that if you made a person feel good about them self you would experience this same wonderful feeling for as long as they did?
And every time you saw that person this act would renew itself in happiness.
But if you ever share this with another soul, other than the one who was the benefactor, your act is vanished from goodness forever as for the benefit to you.

Don’t get me wrong. The goodness the person feels will last for their memory, and memory can transcend all worlds, but you will not share in this goodness. You have polluted it with pride.

It is only because I have been fortunate enough to have had this opportunity several times that I can waste this story on you. But before I begin, I must inform you that now that you are aware of other situations where I have been able to do this, they are vanished from goodness forever too. The benefit I might have enjoyed is now gone too. Pride and vainglory is dreadful.

It’s okay. I feel good enough about myself, I have lots of pride and vainglory, that I think I can repeat this again. Please God that I may! But I must learn humility. Focus on the happiness.

What is the Art of Making People feel Good?
An example:
This past weekend I was participating at a Surf Contest, 10th Annual Kahuna Kupuna Surf Contest in Pacifica, CA as a Co sponsor. Pau Pilau Biological Wetsuit Cleaner. An old surfing buddy of mine, Gordie Benko was a contestant. We had reconnected here after many moons separated.

Gordie won the Masters Division Short board and Long board (60 to 65 years old). It was actually quite impressive. His competition was not ‘lay down, unfunky’. From Santa Barbara California to Newport Oregon surfers came. A very strong contingent from Santa Cruz.
Any way, he made it to the finals (Hurrah!) and at the Dinner Awards Ceremony he and another guy were standing after 3rd place had been announced. His mouth opened as he saw the other guy step forward to receive the 2nd place lei and trophy.
It happened like repeat in the Short board (60 – 65) division. He was stunned. The separation in points was minuscule, but he won!

The Act:
I called Gordie up today (the next day) and he answered. I said, ‘This is Air Traffic Control calling Gordie Benko. Do you read?”
His laughter resounds. How long it will resound is for him. I have given it up to share with you in this proud moment.

Now that you might think that I think... Forget it.

If you think what I think…(I want to put a smile on your face).

The Magic is a growing network of invisible happiness that holds the world together in harmony. The tragedy is hatred that explodes these fibers into oblivion. The path you choose is the world you will live in here and here after.

Gee, what good thing can I think of for you? This is the focus.

And if you have read this far, now is the gift.

This is the gift of a thousand lives lived as a Buddha, as a Moses, as the Friend Muhammad, as the son Jesus as one with God. Or if you so wish, as the heart strings of smiles.

Each act of goodness by intent in this life is as your wings to fly in the next world. Without acts of kindness you lay like a lump of coal for the furnace but are never relieved of this knowing which you now know and are.

But if you focus on acts of kindness even only by intent, you will acquire those heavenly wings and heart strings of smiles and the fabric of love will be reflected in the namesake of your very being.

You will be happy and at peace forever and you will attract and perpetuate love, peace and happiness.

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