Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aloha to All!
From my earliest memories my birthday wish every year was, (it has been a secret until now) Peace and Happiness for everyone.
I have a birthday coming up in 11 days. I wish you all happiness and peace.
I can only imagine that this will be read by friends.
I have been told, I didn't read it, that a blog should be like a diary.
A Diary the world can read? Humm.
I wish the world had read Ann Franks. Or would read.
So, the other day my wife and I were at Half Moon Bay and we stopped by a shop to look for oriental decor for a Japanese garden she is designing for a customer. She is an Architect.
We discovered 'singing bowls' from Nepal. Have you ever heard or seen them. They are a little pricey, but I almost bought one.
Anyway, I can share about my travels around the world. I have lived in Apia Western Samoa -interesting little story about Chief Tupu and his eight wives.
-the bull elephant in Sri Lanka and the 3 brave (?) boys.
-the yakuza in Nomozaki, Japan.
-the car bomb in Haifa.
-opii in Cyprus.
-opii in Bawa.
-opii in (okay already)
-Frigates in Fiji.
-the boy and the octopus in the Philippines.
-Cactus Beach in OZ, oooh!
-tinker in Margarite River (actually, Witch Cliff)
... for starts.
If anybody is interested?

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