Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Man’s reflection on love and life

A Man’s reflection on love and life

The river was as calm and smooth as a mirror except for where the canoe left 'water wings' in its wake.  The bullrushes and cattails at the edge of each bank harboured a plethora of water fowl - ducks, geese and even the odd swans. All this solitude, being one with nature, was a definite balm to the soul.

Around the bend, the dawn mist lays like a shroud on the surface reflected unto itself on the water’s surface.

With his head tilted, he sees the gray give way to light blue and directly overhead, almost purple.

He slows his pace so he can correct his course if need be and continues.

The even pace of his journey matches the margin of his senses and he feels the harmony of all that nature has to offer around him.

Pines, out of the mist along the defined banks on both sides, pay him little mind.

Quietly, he glides past each tree, each shrub, which seems to be a sentinel to all his consciousness as well.

The earth rolls like the perpetual machine that it is - the very thing that scientists have wanted to create or find all their lives. And yet they live on it and don’t even recognize it. You can even set your clock by it. But he doesn’t think in these terms.  He only wants to live on it and with it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Glad for the grace and majesty to be.

Glad for the beauty to see.

Glad for the sun and rain.

Glad to have finally found Lorraine.

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