Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Learning as a child that I am.

In the high serene dry desert of the new Mexico, north of old Mexico, stands rising lifted and tilted up what is called the Sangre de Christo – The blood of Christ. The name given by the Spaniards – Conquistadors. This mountain range birthing from two slow colliding platonic plates of aged earth stands like a tablet to the wise and learned – whose inhabitants solely from long knowing – are: The Sioux, the Apache, The Hopi, the Navajo, the Southern and Mountain Ute, the Pueblo enclaves and at the very moment first seen with human mind, the Anasazi –the Ancient Alien Ones of Mesa Verde, Bandelier and another place lost.

This great rise of earth is the Continental divide. All part of the same up thrust of crushing colliding earth called the Rocky Mountains and to the south the Andes.

The Navajo call these mountains Sandia. Watermelon. A split watermelon which is red.

This red can clearly be seen in the setting sun.

Bien Mur – Big Mountain is the name given by the Hopi and Pueblo Indians.

As a child I would stand atop this range with my Grandfather, Shelby and look out and take this in. In all my travels around the world I used this knowledge to see and understand the rest.

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