Sunday, September 13, 2009


I’m gonna make a video and name it ‘Innovation’. I’m gonna (as opposed to 'going to' because this fits well with what we are expected to do in the financial crisis AND is about the level of readiness that I am prepared to respond to this issue) dedicate it right up front to the Punehou (the High School that Barrack and my sister went to) kid. Why am I so nonchalant with the President of the USA? There are a couple of reasons.
1-Because he has stated that he wants us to be ‘Innovative’, if we are ever going to pull ourselves out of this financial mess AND to set the story straight, WHAT INNOVATION REALLY MEANS IS: ‘We stole all of yo money and now u are going 2 have 2 B realllll cleaver and figure a way to get some mo (SO WE CAN STILL THAT TO!
Now having said that, I will also tell you that I was 15 and 18 when the two Kennedy’s were assassinated and I walked away from politics until I heard Barrack. I even listened to his audio book. I registered to vote for him for the first time in my life. I would do it in a flash again and again and again! But I will not be so naive as to be lead down a blind street with a street sign for what it ain’t!
2- I’m from Kailua, Hawaii and I have this much respect for Punehou students. (Good thing for you that this part ain’t on the video).

And Barrack, you had better stop ‘owning’ things that you didn’t make. You don’t even own the house you live in!

It starts today and I will post it to my blog for anyone who wants to see it. I’m going to be on the road so I will have to do this as time allows. Bear with me. I am leaving East Bay today and going to Dana Point (LA) to the Surfer Magazine head quarts.

What is it about? It is about: Having my hours cut to a minimum wage rate and being up against it! Can you relate?

I came up with an idea. I work for a company in East Bay (SF area) and I now have a full time job back and if I am going to get this idea off the ground this is what it is going to take…. Well, there is no alternative is there?

So check on my Blog every so often and I will do my best to follow up with this.

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