Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm working! I'm working!

Brittany left, Tara right. Managers at Freeline Surf Shop, Surf City USA Santa Cruz.
Tara told me the following:
"We used Pau Pilau Biological Wetsuit Cleaner for the first time on our wetsuit rentals to test it. We have a large
shaded drying room with big fans at the rear of our shop.
The next morning when we came in and
opened the shop we immediately realized that we had forgotten to turn
on the fans to dry the wetsuits the night before. It was quiet. We literally
panicked. When we had forgotten to turn on the fans before the whole
shop stunk and we had to rewash the wetsuits. But as we rushed into
the Wetsuit drying room it was absolutely fresh! Fresh as a Daisy! We could not believe
it. It was then that we remembered that we had used Pau Pilau the day
before. Pau Pilua was sitting on the counter next to the soaking tub. Smiling! 'No worries Sheila! I'm here. No back side of a dead dog here anymore!'
We daringly picked up the booties on the rack and they were clean! They are never
clean! Now they are!"

Any shop can call.
831 476-2950. Tara or Brittany

That's right Surf hers and Surf hims Freeline sales Pau Pilau. Keeps your wetsuit limber and odor free. Juz like taking a new suit off the shelf! Pau Pilau: "Never pull a stinky Wetsuit on your body again!"

Greg, the Manager of Tait's Log Shop in Pacifica: "Our Wetsuits smell like Wetsuits!" 650 738-5664

Carl at Nor Cal: 650 748 9283

At Half Moon Bay: Half Moon Bay Board Shop and Cowboys Surf Shop.

I am traveling South from Santa Cruz. I got 350 Surf, Scuba and other Water Sport shops to introduce Pau Pilau to over the next three weeks. Sept 12 --->

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