Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Cup and A Spoon


A cup and a spoon

Don’t they go together?

I am sure that most people have a favorite cup. A spoon? Maybe not, but maybe. Definitely a favorite cup. I have had several favorite cups. I think that it has been the microwave that has ended their structural integrity. One day they just broke. Sometimes not pleasantly.

But this is not about microwaves. This is about a cup and spoon and backpacking. We had bought on purpose metal cups for our trip. For metal cups they were nice. A pleasant flower design. Backpacks can be subject to much more ware and tear and general abuse than your normal traveling gear.

I am writing this not on my behalf but on my better half. It is a point of contention that seems to have bridged pleasantries to general abuse in some sort of a tug of war, like ware and tear on raw nerves.

Okay, I made a mistake! The result is that I never pack my backpack again! Ever! Wouldn’t it be the perfect place for a spoon? Inside the cup? That way you would not have to, you know, look for either when you needed them. They were together. We marched to the jingle jangle, clink clank, bing bang, accompaniment of my spoon inside my cup on our first day of a very long, 16 hour day. But this day did not end without the divorce of one spoon and one cup. The only time from that first day of togetherness forward that the spoon and cup see each other is in the peaceful quietness in some bungalow or other rented room for the night as they sit on some table – apart! My spouse has made sure that they are never heard from again! I do not pack my backpack.

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