Friday, May 13, 2011

Nelson and Momi

Nelson and Momi are the perfect Hawaiian couple. They have been married for 8 years. They met on the 29th of August 8 years ago. They have three children. She teaches Yoga. He is in school. They met at a Reggae concert. Momi went with her friend as a favor even though she was not 'in to' Raggae. It was at Diamond Head Crater. While there she saw Nelson and made eyes at him. He made eyes at her. After the concert Nelson went to her through the crowd and she deliberately waited for him. They talked and he asked her to hang out with him. She said yes. They went to Kahala beach and there they say two shooting stars while talking, One each from each direction towards each other. They both saw the shooting stars and went, 'Wow!' He asked her for her phone number and she gave him it. Two weeks passed and he did not call her. Her friend invited her to another Raggae concert and she said yes. At the concert she saw Nelson and after the concert went to him. As soon as he saw her, his eyes lite up. He said: 'I have something very important to tell you.' She said 'what?'. He said: 'Your phone number. My mother washed my pants the next day and I could not read your number.' She must of bought it because they are married and have three children.

Momi takes the children into the ocean each day here at Ewa Beach. The baby in her arms. They are all ocean babies. All three of them. Nelson and I surf every evening and Momi comes out sometimes. More frequently as the baby is more secure.

This evening I went down and visited with them after surfing. They were just sitting on the beach in front of their hale. Momi told me this story. Nelson was studying some Hawaiian for an exam tomorrow.

After Momi told me this story I played bottle caps with their oldest son on the beach table in front of their hale just five doors down from my hale. He won! I was as happy as he!

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