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Russian curd cheese

How to make:

Note: Please read all of this once before you start. You will 'see' the process and exactly what you will need to do this.

Ingredients: Whole milk and sour cream

Do not use anything but whole milk.

In a ‘clean’ stainless steel pot, large enough to hold a gallon of whole milk, pour it in and add 4 oz of sour cream (half a tub of an 8 oz container). With a whisk beat it until the sour cream is completely mixed with the whole milk. Cover it and leave it in a warm place for 48 hours. You can watch it if that turns you on. It’s cool!

After 48 hours you will see that a crust of white curd has formed on the top.

Don’t mess with it. Don’t stir it! If you must 'look', take a spatula and every so lightly, take in and slide it in along the side of the curd and see how deep it is. But, not mix it!

Put it on the stove, low heat, like 3 or 4 and wait till you see bubbles starting to break through the surface. There should be a uniform bubbling or peculation. It will take about 30 minutes. Don’t rush it with higher heat! You will scald it and ruin it!

You will now need a strainer and a piece of cheese cloth to lay into the strainer. Put this strainer so that your can retain the liquid that drains out, through it. I’ll tell you why later. You will love what you can make from it. Take a ladle and slowly scoop out the now cooked curd floating on the top and pour it into the cloth covered strainer. Let it drain. After the liquid has completely drained through, Take this curd and pour it into a separate container. This is your Tvorog. You will refrigerate this.

Continue doing this until you have completely drained the whole stainless steel pot of all the curd, floating on the top as well as settling on the bottom.

Now you have the tvorog, ‘curd cheese’ and the liquid from it. Put both of these in the refrig. after they have cooled to room temperature. If you want, after it has cooled, you can eat some.

Okay, what is this liquid. It is the remain of the now made tvorog. You can use this as follows and I promise you if you do, you will have a smile on your face to end all smiles! Well, maybe! You will have a secret that others will be envious of! Promise.

With this, you will make Russian style pancakes which are more like crepes than pancakes but, the flavor is to die for!!! You’ll see!

Russian Pancakes:

Eggs: 6
Tvorog liquid: 3 cups
Veg or olive oil: 2 Tbsp
Flour: 1 cup

Important: Beat the eggs separately until they are well constituted. Add the 2 Tbsp’s of oil and continue mixing. Add the liquid tvorog and mix. Finally add the flour and mix until well blended. Smooth!

Set on a side.

On a flat skillet heat it up on medium high (6 or 7). When it is uniform hot pour a little oil on it and make sure the surface is covered with the oil. Hold the skillet and pour a ladle of the pancake mix onto the skillet. Set it on the burner. Take a little butter on the end of a knife and run it around the edge of the pancake. When the pancake as stopped bubbling, take a spatchela and flip it. Take it off in two minutes. Continue this until the mix has been completed. Enjoy!

Back to the Tvorog!

How to eat it. Well, you will no doubt find the perfect way, just for yourself. But, to start, try this:

Take some tvorog in a bowl and mix a spoon full of sour cream with it. Have a taste! Like? I cut up ham and pickles and mix it in. After you have done this, let your imagination do the rest.

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