Sunday, April 11, 2010

Step 1. The Perfect Wave!

I have an idea. Maybe it is something that can grow into something worth while.
Imagine a perfect wave. Imagine a perfect wave in exact duplication. Again and Again. What would this mean to surfing? What would this mean to surf board design?

My father was an Oceanographic engineer. For credibility, he designed the reef runway extension at Honolulu Int’l airport. His tribar inventions are installed on each of the harbor jetties at Kahului, Maui, Nawiliwili, Kauai, and Hilo, Hawaii.

Internationally they are all over the world. Okinawa, Nigeria, Austrailia as well as some very noteworthy locations like Diablo Canyon, in California. In Ireland. They are everywhere.

I worked with my father on many of these projects as a part time assistance as well as full time helper.

Here is the thing: At the ‘Look laboratory of Oceanographic Engineering’ in Honolulu we had a model wave machine. Why not increase the size of this wave machine. I used to watch this machine generate these perfect waves. Granted they were model waves, but they were perfect.

We of course replicated the models to each of the harbors at the location of that particular project. But what if we built the perfect safe location and made the perfect wave. Again and again? Imagine surfboard designers with their teams of pro surfers competing not necessarily against each other, but against the perfect wave. And here is the clincher as far as I am concerned. This wave that they are competing against is exactly the same wave. Make it faster! Make it faster still! Which board, which surfer on which board is the best? It is a testing ‘ground’ for an endless developing process of fine tuning. And just in case you might overlook it – what do you think about FUN!

Got any ideas?

If you do, post them.

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