Friday, April 2, 2010

Siargao Island, Philippines

The other night we walked along the beach path from our bungalow at the Jungle Reef Resort toward the pier that goes out into the lagoon and the surf spot, Cloud Nine.

It must have been late at night. I do not recall other people or seeing lights or TV’s illuminating some other dwellings.

Fire flies are here. We saw them up ahead just off of the path decorating a bush. They obviously liked this particular bush very much. It was a center for all their activity. And they were active. I had never seen so many fire flies in one location. A literal cloud of meandering decorative lights – floating around as they were, all around this one bush. We stood there for a moment watching them and then decided to move on in the direction of which we had set out toward – the pier by the surf spot going out into the lagoon.

A canopy of trees covers much of the land here as everywhere in the Pacific islands consisting primarily of Coconut trees. Here also were quite a few ironwoods. As the path of which we trod was at waters edge, we could look out and see the star covered sky. It was the starry night that we were going to the pier to observe unimpeded. To lie on the pier and look up.

The ocean’s play against the shore line was washing in and out, small pieces of coral and lava tumbling along. A light breeze fluttered the palm fronds. The distant waves broke on the reef far out in the bay.

The stars under a Pacific isle are something to behold. Some people who have grown up in large metro areas and maybe have gone out of these high population areas to glimpse the night sky would begin to appreciate such a viewing, but I would like to tempt you with what a night sky in a section of the world without pollution has to offer you.

I’ll let that moment wait for its owner. I truly wish this for you!

We would find on our stay here many and frequent occasions where the electricity failed. Some evening or another, reading, drinking chi – darkness. Your eyes would take a moment to adjust then you could take this suggestion to enjoy the night sky in its most pristine and glorious display.

All, the stars! Ohhhh, look a shooting star! Wow!

... a little addendum. While traveling all over the world, it was the starry nights that 'brought home' the fact that I was not back home, you know, like walking outside to take the rubbish out and glancing up at the night sky to see the constellations that you are familiar with. Looking directly above you at the 'Southern Cross' is a sight to behold! Rolling you head and 'just above the far horizon and seeing the big dipper, can have a profound effect on your psych. Wooooo! Where am I?

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