Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What are you two 'really' doing?

We are not sure which Check Point, but finally, at one, one of the guards- you could tell that they were dieing of curiosity - asked us, with a smile, ‘What are you two doing? Sightseeing in December in Eastern Turkey? Come on, what is going on? Listen, all the guards are very curious about you two. We are bored to death. What are you two really doing out here in Eastern Turkey in the middle of December?’

I could not resist the opportunity.

“We really had no idea that Eastern Turkey was going to be this sever of weather. We bought these tickets to Istanbul for US $99.00 round trip. We got them 2 days before our trip. Neither of us had been to Turkey. So, here we are. However, can I ask you something?”

‘Certainly, Turkey is a free country too!’

“I would never do this without your consent. What is the possibility of me being on Iranian soil for just a second or two?”

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yeah, but I would not do this with out your consent.’

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