Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome! Eastern Turkey! Winter!

After having gone through numerous military check points along this Turkish border road with Iran, the guards started calling us, upon our arrival, by our names.

‘Hello Robert! Privit Natalia! Would you like some coffee? Please come in while I record you passports. It will be just a moment. It’s freezing out here!’

They all had seemed to take our activity in some fashion of humor. They had obviously taken a moment to prepare these greetings in English for us. I must admit. I felt some what flattered!

They had all heard the story, passed apparently on from one check point to the next.

“Check Point 7, this is Check Point 6. We have two foreign travelers. Yes, that’s correct. Those two. One an American, male, Robert Palmer, current residence, Izhevsk Russia, Teacher, Udmurt State University. One Russian female, Natalia Timoshkina, resident, Izhevsk, Russia, Student, Udmurt State University. Both traveling together. Vehicle: Fiat 33 HA 166. Sightseeing! Yes, that is what they both have reported as their purposes for traveling. Yes! Yes Sir! I know Sir. Yes. Well Sir, I know! Their travel time concurs. No warranted suspicious activities. Yes Sir. They are departing here. Time: 1410.”

So we continued along this Iranian border road.