Friday, November 19, 2010


Once upon a time there was a magic secret place hidden by a mountain range. This mountain range was not like any other place you could find or even dream about, in all the world. The mountain range was called the Koolaus and the secret place protected by the Koolaus was called Kailua.

Nestled into this beautiful place grew Keiki kanes and wahines of all colors and shapes.

They played here in the waves and fields of Kailua venturing out only when necessary and always relieved by the gentle cool trades that was perfect when they returned home.

There is a gentleness and calm that is this memory each time I recall it.

Perhaps you hold in your heart, as many do, ‘It’s a wonderful Life’. Do you know that it was produced in 1946-47, the year many of us were born.

I look at the world and many of the things that go on and about all over and I sometimes wonder what this world would be if it were not for you and me and this secret magical place where we all grew up. Have we touched others with our aloha? Have we been an allayer and any comfort to others?

How would we know if the world would be any different had there not been this place called Kailua?

All we have to do in look inside and into the eyes of each other. Aloha

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