Friday, October 30, 2009

For You

Is there still any childhood mystery left in you? Come with me and find out.
You can google this place on maps just to make sure that I am not pulling your leg. Witch Cliff, Oz.

Okay, okay! : ‘Witchcliffe, Australia’.

Wendy lives here. Yeah, that’s right, Wendy as in Peter’s ‘adopted mother’. She moved here. Peter got her the place. It‘s a guest house, now. She renamed it from the original. It was an ol mining place. She named it ‘Coffee Rock Cottages’. Fixed it up nice. Yes, you can actually stay here. If you dare! If you are adventurous enough? Are you?

Peter got this place for her cause Jolly of england was completely on the opposite side of the globe. Why should he have to travel alllll that distance when she could live close to Neverland.

Tinker stays mostly here now with Wendy. It’s cause of the fireflys on Neverland. The fireflys on Neverland have got it in their minds that Tinker is the Madonna of all Fireflys. Won’t leave her alone! She had it and went to live with Wendy. Which is the interesting part of staying there. Tinker can be a bit of a nuisance! – Hee he! – a bit….

How do you think Coffee rock Cottages got its name?

Can you imagine the number of spilled coffees while unsuspecting Pommies sat on their duffs thinking nothing but of their next meal!

Tinker’s favorite ploy: In the evening after dinner the Pommies lining the veranda hav’n a cup a and suddenly out of nowhere: FLASH!!! Right in front of their blooming eyes!

Cups and saucers, Yes, pommies always have saucers, flying everywhere! Not to mention what was in the cups.

So you can sit there as you are, right now, and say, ‘Oh Silly Bob! You got an active imagination, but…’


The Kookaburra always has the last word in Western OZ. And you will only know this if you are daring enough to find out. And you should hear the crows complain about their lot in life! You’ll have nothing to complain of again after you’ve heard their tell.

An’ besides all this, sometimes, oh yes, sometimes, someone else comes by. But he won’t tell you who he really is… you need a whoooole lot of imagination for that .

Yes, I wonder. Do you still have any childhood mystery in you? Or are you an ol’ duff?

When Natalia and I come, we stay at this one. This one I painted.

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